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18th Mar 2013

Drop The Controller! Woman Attacks Boyfriend For Spending So Much Time On His Xbox

Show your fella this story and he'll probably start limiting his gaming time...

The next time your fella gives out about you asking him to step away from his Xbox for a few minutes, just tell him this story. We guarantee he’ll drop that controller faster than you can say ‘FIFA.’

A frustrated girlfriend has been arrested by the police after she attacked her man because he was spending so much time on his games console.

The Irish Sun reports that Heather Hayes was so annoyed that her man gave his Xbox more attention than her that she burst into a supermarket and assaulted him in front of dozens of shocked shoppers!

Heather claims that she was angry because her boyfriend’s Xbox had effectively ruined their sex life. According to her, her man had been playing the console for two days straight with his friends and had refused to sleep with her.

Her boyfriend, Eric Zuber, had fled their apartment to the shop around the corner to ring the police after Heather flew into a rage over the Xbox.

The thing that started it all: Heather’s man was playing his Xbox non-stop

Police in Pennsylvania in the United States, said that Heather was so angry she had bitten her boyfriend’s arm and grabbed his testicles before he fled.

Eric had called the police from a local convenience store. However, Heather showed up half naked and began screaming insults at him.

The police arrived and arrested Heather where she explained that Eric would not have sex with her because he was so busy with his Xbox. She claimed that she was half naked because she had been trying to seduce her boyfriend before she ended up attacking him.

She’s been charged with indecent exposure, simple assault, open lewdness and harassment.