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14th Nov 2012

*Drool* Marks & Spencer Launch Their Three Course Christmas Sandwich

It may be a whopping 785 calories but the luxury supermarket has surely created the dream winter lunch?


The sandwiches enjoyed throughout St. Stephen’s Day are almost as good as Christmas dinner itself but why wait six weeks to enjoy one?

That’s the thought of luxury supermarket Marks & Spencer, which has just launched its epic triple pack containing starter, main and dessert in three giant and delicious sandwiches.

The 3-course Christmas feast sandwich can be enjoyed by every office dweller, but it will come at the price of a tight waistband as the lunch comes in at 785 calories.

The girls would demolish this sandwich

The first course is a smoked salmon sandwich with cucumber and dill, the main is of course turkey with pork and chestnut stuffing and smoked bacon, and finally for dessert a sandwich filled with brie, grapes and chutney.

On average, Christmas dinner will come in at around 1,000 calories per serving so think of this beauty as a warm up!


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