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18th Jun 2013

Dresses, Dogs and Dates: The Best of Tonight’s TV

On the small screen this evening...

From a woman who fears she will never make it down the aisle to a girl who can’t be honest with her family, it’s all kicking off on the small screen tonight.

27 Dresses – Film4 (6.45pm)

In this romantic comedy Katherine Heigl plays a woman who is always the bridesmaid, never the bride. To make matters worse her sister ends up engaged to the man of her dreams.

Animal Heroes – UTV (8.00pm)

For the last time this documentary takes a look at the work and training of those dogs serving in Afghanistan alongside the British Army.

Grey’s Anatomy – RTÉ Two (9.00pm)

This week Owen and Cristina are faced with a dilemma while Jo turns to Alex in a moment of desperation.

Dates – Channel 4 (10.00pm)

Erica is having trouble getting up the courage to tell her family she is a lesbian but then Kate comes along to give her a helping hand.

The Mentalist – RTÉ One (10.35pm)

Lisbon and Jane are faced with a case involving the death of a rich, elderly woman but for some reason Jane has a feeling that something isn’t quite right.