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18th Apr 2013

Dreams Coming True: Luka Has Muscular Dystrophy, But In These Amazing Pictures He Can Fly

Photographer Matej Peljhan was so inspired by Luka that he wanted to help his dreams of "walking, exploring, and getting into mischief" come true.

In need of a smile today? Check out these amazing pictures of a 12-year-old boy named Luka. We guarantee that you’ll be grinning by the end of this article.

These pictures were taken by a photographer called Matej Peljhan from Slovenia and they’ve started to go viral online. Entitled “The Little Prince” the pictures feature Luka, a little boy who has Muscular Dystrophy.

Luka climbs the stairs by himself

Matej said that he was inspired by Luka and wanted to bring his dreams of “walking, exploring, and getting into mischief” to life by using bed sheets and some imagination.

Luka goes swimming

Luka always wanted to play basketball

Skateboarding like a pro!

Luka, busting a few moves

In Matej’s pictures, Luka is able to do all the things he struggles with in real life. We think these snaps are super inspiring and very, very touching.