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20th Dec 2012

Dreaming of a Wet Christmas: Met Eireann Confirms Wind & Rain For The Big Day

We were hoping for some nice weather, but according to forecasters we can expect rain, rain and more rain (we hope Santa has an umbrella!)

We hate to crush your dreams but it’s official: Met Eireann has confirmed that we definitely won’t be having a white Christmas this year (we know, we’re super disappointed too…)

So what can we expect instead? Well, sadly it’s looking as though we’ll be having some typically wet Irish weather in the run up to Christmas and on the big day itself. Major sad face.

According to Met Eireann, the next few days will actually be wetter than normal for the current time of years and while the temperatures will be slightly milder, there will be some heavy rain over the weekend. Bad news if you’ll be out and about trying to get your Christmas shopping finished and attending a few festive parties.

Temperatures will start to drop at the beginning of next week, with frosty and icy conditions on the roads and the risk of sleet on higher ground.

“Current indications for Christmas day could change, but it looks like it will be a cold, crisp start to the day, but increasing cloud will bring rain later,” said meteorologist Siobhan Ryan, speaking to the Evening Herald.

You might want to bring your brolly with you if you’re heading out this Christmas!

Christmas Eve is expected to be frosty, with rain across southern counties extending across the nation by the early afternoon.

The good news is that tomorrow will be a dry, pleasant day with mildish temperatures ranging from 6 to 10C.

However, you might want to batten down the hatches over the weekend, as Saturday will see heavy outbreaks of rain and Sunday is expected to be cloudy, wet and windy.

Were you hoping for a white Christmas this year or are you happy that the snow won’t be interfering with this year’s festivities?