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13th Feb 2014

Don’t Mess With Hammie – Protective Bulldog Befriends Family Of Kittens

Best of friends.

Hammie is a one-year-old bulldog living in Nebraska, Lincoln.

Michelle Parden, Hammie’s owner, took in a pregnant stray cat named Mommy last October.

34-year-old Michelle had seen Mommy on Facebook after her friend, Gayla Hausman, posted a picture of the orange cat online.

Gayla is the director at Voice for Companion Animals, a non-profit organisation supplying resources such as pet food for people on low incomes, according to The Huffington Post.

Michelle was happy to give Mommy a home, and on Halloween, the cat gave birth to six kittens — Pumpkin, Goblin, Frankenstein, Batman, Zombie and Elvira.


Hammies and the kittens are the best of friends

“When Hammie first met [the kittens] he was so gentle,” said Michelle. “He would gently try to round them up like he was going to nurse them.

He very carefully would lift his paw over them and caress the kittens.”

The kittens all have new homes now, but Michelle stays in touch with their owners so Hammie can see his friends.

Images via Michelle Parden