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28th Nov 2012

Don’t Lose Your Mittens! Baltic Temperatures Are Expected To Continue Into The Weekend

Prepare to shiver as sub zero temperatures are expected to make conditions treacherous for drivers.

Motorists have been warned to take extra care on the roads this week as plummeting temperatures are expected to make way for severe frost and sleet.

Treacherous road conditions can be anticipated as temperatures dip to as low as -4C in the coming nights.

Road safety officials have warned drivers to be wary of freezing fog and icy roads.

Speaking to The Irish Independent, Met Eireann forecaster Joan Blackburn said: “With still nights there will be -4C tonight in places. It could be lower. It depends on how calm the night is,” the forecaster explained.

However Joan said that the temperatures are not the worst we have experienced at this time of year.

“They are not extremes of temperatures, it is cold for this time of year but not extreme,” the forecaster explained.

The cold weather is keeping Christmas trees fresh and healthy for their sellers!

Commuters should wrap up tightly and get their mittens out tomorrow as daytime temperatures will drop to about 3C to 4C.

Meanwhile night-time temperatures are expected to range between -3C and -4C.

Although the weather makes it difficult for drivers throughout the country, Dermot Page, chairman of the Irish Christmas Tree Growers’ Club said the weather is keeping thousands of Christmas trees fresh and healthy.

“It is perfect weather for ourselves the wet summer didn’t cause any problems with the growing,” he said.

Although the walk into work has us frozen to the bone, the chilly weather sure has us feeling Christmas-y.

However, take your time on the road. It’s better to be a little bit late than sorry!