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14th Feb 2022

Dogs Trust appeal for two “in love” dogs to be adopted together

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Simply adorable.

Valentine’s Day isn’t only a day of romance for us humans, but it seems to be a big deal in the dog world too.

Dogs Trust is appealing for a home for its “cutest couple” after they’ve spent 35 months in their care together.

The two collie crossbreeds Finn and Willow are known as “Fillow” by the staff and while they arrived at Dogs Trust separately, it wasn’t long before the two were inseparable.

When Willow was only two weeks old she and her siblings were abandoned in a bucket and thankfully found and brought to Dogs Trust.

When it came to Finn, she immediately gained more confidence around him and their “romance” helps both of them to overcome their fears of unfamiliar people and noises.

While the charity has relentlessly trying to have the pair adopted through adorable videos on social media, they are yet to be noticed.

Ciara Murran, Head of Communications at Dogs Trust Ireland said: “Willow and Finn have both overcome so much in their short lives. They are fearful, but together they bring out the best in each other. They are what we call ‘UnderDogs’, dogs that will need that extra time, love and care to settle into a home. Our Valentine’s wish is that someone’s heart is big enough to love and adopt these two very special dogs.”

Sandra Ruddell, Assistant Operations Manager, added: “We are seeing more and more dogs who are fearful of what we would consider normal, everyday things. Certain noises can upset Finn and Willow which is why we are searching for a quiet home for them. A home with few visitors and a secure back-garden would be perfect for this pair. They are such loving dogs who just need time and space to feel comfortable before showering you with gratitude and love.

“We have lots of UnderDogs, just like Finn and Willow, who are looking for their perfect home too. It can be challenging at times, but so rewarding to see a dog who was previously scared, overcome their fear and start to let their personality shine through. If you think you might be able to offer a home to a long-term dog, please contact us.”

Dogs Trust refers to dogs in their care as UnderDogs if they have spent six months or more searching for their forever home, and are now appealing for these dogs to find theirs.