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23rd Apr 2018

Dog and his ducks prove friendship comes in all shapes, sizes… and species

Louise Carroll

Oh, sweet divine, our hearts!

If anyone’s in need of a Monday pick-me-up, this might just be the trick.

Meet Barclay the golden retriever and his flock of seven ducks.

The California natives live with their human, Pam Ishiguro, who clearly takes great pride in her fur and feather family. It was October 2016 when Pam posted an image to Instagram of her duck eggs finally hatching. No one could have guessed the amount of extra love and friendship that was about to enter the house.

Gorgeous Barclay soon became aware that he now had a few feathered brothers and sisters, and of course, being a typical older sibling, a bit of mischief ensued. Barclay began thieving from the ducks’ food bowls, but soon there would be one duck who was no longer up for tolerating such behaviour. Rudy the Pekin duck, took it upon himself to protect the flock and chase Barclay away on the regular. But soon, the cat and mouse behaviour would result in a spectacular friendship.

From the team of ducks, Barclay found a VERY special friend in Rudy and one of the most precious bonds we’ve witnessed in a while was formed. So here are a few tips and lessons us humans can learn from animals like Barclay and Rudy.

1. Back massages are greatly appreciated

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2. Hugs make everything better

3. Chill time and playtime are equally important

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4. It helps if you enjoy the same TV shows

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5. Day time naps are key

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6. Sharing is caring

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7. It’s important to converse with one another

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8. And most importantly, friendship knows no distance, colour, age, fur, feathers, or even species.

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