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15th Aug 2012

Does Your Lunch Hour Need A Kick? An Alcoholic Sandwich Will Cure That

Chefs in a New York deli have come up with the ultimate boozy sandwich that will fix any bad day at the office.


Chefs in New York Deli Salumé have created an alcoholic sandwich, which customers can douse with the spirit of their choice.

The sandwich is available with the alcohol of your choice including gin and scotch

According to The Sun, the sandwich menu includes sandwich fillings including gin, rye whiskey and scotch.

The boozy sandwiches are strictly for visitors that are over the age of 21 because of their high alcoholic content.

The gourmet sandwiches are only available to those over 21

The alcoholic sandwich phenomenon comes after American restaurant PS 7 invented ‘cuptails’, which are cupcakes that contain one and a half ounces of booze. The restaurant recieved international media coverage for their creative and risky cupcakes.

American restaurant PS 7 invented the cuptail

Would you be interested in these boozy lunch treats?


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