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06th Nov 2016

Do you have one of these old Irish coins? They’re worth €18,000

Folks, go raid granny's house

A very rare old Irish florin is being sought out by collectors for the tidy sum of €18,000.

The coin is a 1943 florin which was worth 2 shillings at the time.

Like all Irish coins of this period, it was struck in the English Royal Mint which was then in London.

The 1943 half-crowns and florins were struck in normal circulating quantities but not issued. In the early 1950’s the unissued coins were remitted back to the Royal Mint for melting, as the Central Bank of Ireland had decided to change the metal from the .750 silver standard to Cupro-Nickel. A small number of both denominations escaped into circulation, the florin being by far the rarer of the two.


It is so rare in fact, that there are only four examples of the coin recorded in the Uncirculated Condition.

Irish Coinage, a site for collectors detailing old Irish coins, has revealed that another uncirculated version of the coin would sell for €18,000. In absolute pristine condition, a gem uncirculated coin could fetch €32,000.

The site warns collectors to be aware of fake coins and to seek validation that the coin is real.

Now off you go hunters, climb up into Granny’s attic.