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22nd Jul 2018

Disneyland employees are not allowed to do THIS… and it’s kinda weird

We always wondered...

Jade Hayden


Ever been to Disneyland?

If you have you may have noticed something rather peculiar about their employees.

Or maybe you didn’t because you were far too busy having fun and going on rides and eating your body weight in food.

Either or.

If you do have a keen eye though, you probably would have copped on that when Disneyland employees point, they point using two fingers.

“Over here we have Space Mountain.”

“Over there, there’s a parade.” 

“Here’s where your mate John threw up two bags of chips after he got off Indiana Jones.” 

You know. The usual.

There is a reason for all this two-finger pointing too and it’s all to do with politeness.

While most of us here in the Western world are used to pointing at things using a single index finger, in some cultures it is actually considered very rude and even a bit offensive.

Who knew?

So, in order to ensure that their employees don’t inadvertently offend or annoy any guests, they are told to use two fingers when pointing.

So the next time you pop over to Disneyland and see a cast member pointing using two fingers, make sure you give them a round of applause.

… Because that absolutely cannot be easy to remember day in and day out.