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26th Nov 2012

Did You Keep the Receipt? Survey Reveals Men Are Terrible At Buying Gifts

Is your man good when it comes to buying Christmas presents for you? Or is he, like many men out there, completely clueless?

If you’re expecting a deadly present off your other half this Christmas, you might not want to get your hopes up too much. Why? Well a new survey has found that when it comes to picking a Christmas gift for their other half, most men have no idea what to get.

The survey, which was conducted by Superdrug, revealed that 39 per cent of men have no clue what their wives’ bra size is and 23 per cent don’t know what size clothes she wears. But that’s not the worst of it. Would you believe than 12 per cent of men don’t know their woman’s date of birth? Shocking, we know.

34 per cent of men have no idea what their partner’s favourite perfume is and a further 24 per cent don’t know what her favourite clothes shop is. Oh and 40 per cent of couples have fallen out because the man in the relationship has forgotten about certain things that he should just know.

What’s the worst present your man has ever given you?

“The results of this study are quite alarming. There are some basic details men should really know about their partner – in particular, eye colour and natural hair colour,” said a spokeswoman for Superdrug.

“Men can be forgiven for not knowing their partner’s mobile phone number off by heart but it’s not difficult to take a look on their dressing table to see what perfume they’re using. Christmas shouldn’t be fraught because a woman receives a gift that makes he feel she’s a stranger to her partner,” the spokeswoman added.

Have you ever gotten something off your man that just wasn’t ‘you’?