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17th Oct 2012

Devilish Desert Seals The Deal For Underdog John In The GBBO

After ten weeks of tears, tarts and baking in a giant tent, last night Mancunian law student John Whaite was crowned king of cakes.


It was a nail biting final!

We’ve been massive Brendan supporters from the start (how could you not love his super camp 70s style fondant bluebirds?) and he put up a good fight but in the end John’s Heaven and Hell cake sealed the deal when upon cutting into it, it was described by judge Paul as ‘the perfect slice’.

John’s winning cake comprised of a chocolate cake representing hell topped with individual lemon and coconut meringues representing heaven and he reportedly used three A4 sheets of gold leaf to perfect the design. When describing his final bake an emotional John said ‘I am most proud of the Heaven and Hell cake, it represents the sort of baking that I am interested in – elaborate, glamourous, and brings together different technical skills.’

John’s creation looks like pure heaven to us

 Medical student James Morton was tipped to win, having won star baker an impressive three times during the competition but fell short in the end with his slap dash United Kingdom cake and earlier ‘soggy bottom’ pithivier pie. Comprising of 5 different cakes, the United Kingdom paled in comparison when seen beside John and Brendan’s creations and was described by Paul and Mary as ‘dry’ – the words a baker never wants to hear.

James went for quantity over quality

And what did Brendan come up with? Fighting back tears, Brendan explained to judges Paul and Mary that he was constructing a Family Reunion cake to represent two strains of his family being reunited after several years. We’re sure Brendan’s raspberry cream and ginger bread decorated delight was delicious but it lacked his usual flair and drama and we were expecting a little bit more from the Irishman.

Brendan won us over with his camp cake creations 

Having just finished his law degree ( where he got a first by the way!) John is now saving to go to the famous Cordon Bleu in Paris to train as a pâtissier, Brendan plans on teaching baking in care homes and James has just completed a medical degree.

A reported 6 million viewers tuned in to watch the nail biting final last night and we don’t know what we’re going to miss the most – Mary’s jackets, Paul’s intense icy stare, Brendan’s uber-camp creations or Sue’s cringe puns.

Tuesday nights just won’t be the same without them! 


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