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20th Jul 2013

Desperately Seeking Sun – Irish Holiday Budgets Have Soared, Despite the Glorious Weather at Home

We've upped our spend almost 60 per cent since last year

Rebecca McKnight

On days like today we can think of nowhere we’d rather be, but the sun hasn’t stopped most Irish people from dreaming of foreign sands it seems. 

A YouGov survey has shown that the Irish person’s average expenditure for a summer holiday this year is €950 per person – a whopping 58 per cent climb from the €600 allocated for holidays in 2012. This covers journey costs and accommodation and suggests that despite budgets being tight, Irish people still place a high value on their summer holidays.  

However, the Irish are making sure they get value for money as the survey also highlighted that 61 per cent of Irish people have not booked their summer holiday yet – suggesting they are holding out for the best late deals available.

To reduce costs 32 per cent stated they are looking to go on holiday after the high peak summer season. 

Despite the continuing sunshine, we’re still planning holidays abroad this summer

The figures also show that in order to make their holiday money travel further the Irish have adopted a trend of booking last minute bargains. Of the 39 per cent who have organised their annual summer getaway, 20 per cent made their booking as recently as May or June.

The survey of six European countries, conducted in the run up to peak holiday season, shows Ireland in fourth position for summer holiday spending stakes:


  • Italians (€1,082) 
  • British (€1,022)
  • Germans (€1,110)
  • Irish (€950)
  • Spanish (€930)
  • French (€865)