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13th Jul 2012

Denise Richards to Join Charlie Sheen on Anger Management

They were married for four years but it all ended in divorce. But now the couple are hanging out at baseball games and even working together.

Rebecca McKnight

Charlie Sheen and ex-wife Denise Richards seem to have turned over a new leaf and are spending increasing amounts of time together.

Not only have the pair been spotted at a recent baseball game but The Sun reported today that the couple are working together on Sheen’s new comedy show Anger Management.


In the episode Richards plays Sheen’s on screen romantic interest. The show is based on a character called Charlie Goodson, a former baseball player who now works as an anger management therapist.

This show marks a huge turnaround and return to the small screen for Sheen who went off the rails last year.

The former Two and a Half Men star and film actress Richards were married for four years and have two children together.

Richards and Sheen when married

                         Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards back in 2003. 

Despite their relationship ending in a bitter divorce, the pair have managed to put all of this behind them and now seem to be good friends.