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06th Jul 2013

Dear Lord, Why!? Fifteen Fictional Deaths We Will Never Get Over

It’s just all too much. Warning! Spoilers...

Occasionally, you can get really attached to a character either in a TV series or film and all of a sudden they are ripped away from you rather unexpectedly. You will never really get over it, you will always remember that moment when you realised Bambi’s mom had died. Here are the fifteen fictional deaths we will never get over…

1.  Ellie – Up

For the love of God, is this film for children? We nearly sobbed ourselves to hospital.

2. Mufasa – The Lion King

Disney, seriously. Just stop it.

3. Satine – Moulin Rouge

Well, we saw it coming but we were seriously in denial.

4. Thomas J. Sennett – My Girl

He can’t see without his glasses!

5. Spock – Star Trek

Live long and prosper. We dare you to get through this without the tears…

6. Beth – Little Women

Beth dies!!! Do you want to put the book in the freezer?

7. Lady Sybil – Downton Abbey

What the hell just happened?!

8. All of the Harry Potter folk

A lot of childhoods ruined there…

9. Jenny – Forrest Gump

Did they really have to kill off everyone he knew?

10. Emma – One Day

A certain member of staff read this particular chapter in public, and well you know the rest.

11. Marley – Marley and Me


13. Omar – The Wire

Seriously? No. *Warning – a little violent.

14. George O’Malley – Grey’s Anatomy

That moment when Meredith figured out who it was…

15. Charlotte – Charlotte’s Web

Sure, she was a spider, but we were pretty attached to her!

Honourable mention.

Everything Sean Bean has ever appeared in… Ever.