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13th Apr 2018

A deaf dog knows sign language now and he is the Best Boy

Jade Hayden

deaf dog

If you’ve been having a shit day, don’t worry because this deaf dog knows sign language and your Friday is about to get a whole lot better.

The dog in question is named Ivor.

He’s a 10-month-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier who has been rejected by multiple owners because of his disability.

Ivor ended up being taken in by the RSPCA in the UK, and late last year he was eventually adopted by Ellie Bromilow and her family, who love him with all of their hearts.

They love him so much that they even taught him sign language and made him his own Facebook page so he can show off his skills.

The smartest boy.

Ivor now knows how to give the paw, roll over, sit, and lie down all through signs Ellie gives him.

On his Facebook page, Ivor (or Ellie, probably Ellie, to be honest) says that he’s just like any other dog really.

He explains:

“Despite my deafness you will find I have bags of cheeky personality and I am one smart dog!

“While other doggies might miss things my eyeballs are trained to observe everything, even as I sleep I peep, I see all, feel vibrations of doors and footsteps and can sniff a piece of chopped ham almost a mile away!”


Ivor may not be able to hear but he does have an amazing sense of smell.

So much so that Emily thinks he should be a sniffer dog.

She (or Ivor, whichever), says he can also warn his family about anyone who comes near their home, including birds, owls, rabbits, and squirrels.

Adorable and protective.