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28th Dec 2012

Dangerous Dublin: Irish Radio Presenter “Fears” for His Children

Joe Duffy has revealed that he worries about his teenage children when they're in Dublin city with their friends.

We all know that you have to keep your wits about you when you’re in the city, but broadcaster Joe Duffy has revealed that he actually fears for his children’s safety when they’re in Dublin with their friends.

The Irish Independent reports that the Liveline host worries about his 17-year-old triplets when they travel from the family home in Clontarf into Dublin city with their friends.

“There’s a bus stop near the house and it’s only eight stops and you’re in Marlborough Street but I do worry about my kids being in town. There has been so many unprovoked attacks in the last few years,” said Joe, speaking to the Irish Independent.

Joe Duffy has admitted he’s scared for his children

But the presenter revealed that he has already issued his children with strict instructions on how to deal with trouble.

“I’ve told them if they’re mugged to hand over their mobile phone, their handbag, their laptop, that it’s just not worth it,” said Joe.

“And I tell my lads – and I want other kids to take my advice – forget about what someone else has said to you, walk away, forget about it.  Tomorrow is another day. It’s in these moments of madness which whole lives are destroyed,” he added.

Wise words Joe, wise words.