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28th Feb 2013

Daily Tips To Conserve Energy At Home

Make your world a little greener by conserving energy at home with these simple tips. Bonus? You'll save money too!

Save money and do some good for the world around you by using simple measures to conserve energy in the home. If you’re not sure where to start – don’t worry! We’ll be bringing you one great energy-saving tip every day for the next few weeks.


Check your tariff


You’d be surprised at the amount of households who have no idea what kind of electricity plan they’re on with their service provider. It sounds like a no-brainer but you should always check to see how you’re being charged for the energy that you use.

Did you know that some tariffs actually lower the price of your electricity consumption after a certain time in the evening? Or on some tariffs, using electricity is much cheaper in the morning?

It’s always worth getting in touch with your service provider and having a chat about your options. For example, a tariff that has cheaper energy in the morning isn’t much use to you if you work all day and do most of your washing/drying in the evening hours.

And likewise, a lower tariff at night isn’t much good if you tend to work late or work nights.

Do a little bit of investigation, figure out the times during the day when you’re likely to use the most energy and have a talk about your options with your service provider.

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