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26th Feb 2013

Daily Tips To Conserve Energy At Home

Make your world a little greener by conserving energy at home with these simple tips. Bonus? You'll save money too!

Save money and do some good for the world around you by using simple measures to conserve energy in the home. If you’re not sure where to start – don’t worry! We’ll be bringing you one great energy-saving tip every day for the next few weeks.


Revamp your cooking habits


If you want to cook delicious meals and still save some money by lowering your energy costs at home, there are a few simple tips that you try.

When you’re prepping food, try cutting vegetables into small pieces (as small as possible). The smaller your vegetables are, the quicker they’ll cook and the less energy you’ll use as a byproduct.

Another easy thing that you can do is to keep the reflector pans on your cooker as clean as possible. If a pot boils over or you accidentally splatter grease across it, clean it up immediately. When your reflector pans are clean, they’ll reflect more heat when they shine which will also help your food to cook faster and cut your energy useage considerably.

When cooking, try using glass and ceramic dises whenever possible. Glass and ceramic are great for cooking because they hold the heat better, which means you can lower the temperature in your oven slightly without it having a major impact on your food.

Another good energy-saving tip to remember is to preheat your oven only when the recipe calls for it. By doing this you’ll also help to save yourself money in the long run.

Revamp your cooking habits and watch your electricity bill get smaller and smaller!

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