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07th Feb 2013

Crafty Criminal Gets Fined For Being Too Bling

We all love a bit of sparkle now and then but this takes blinging it up to a whole new level

Thankfully we’ve never had the misfortune of seeing an electronic tag close up – except for the snaps of Li-Lo sporting one last year as she headed into court for the millionth time – but we’re pretty sure that if we ever did have to wear one, we’d do our best to conceal it.

But not content to simply hide the imposing grey ankle strap under her tracksuit bottoms like most tagged criminals, Rebecca Gallanagh from Tamworth, Staffordshire decided to bling it up with a selection of crystals and some nail glue and has been fined €164 (£140) for her handiwork.

The 22-year-old, who was found guilty of battering a fellow reveller outside a nightclub in her hometown, was forced to don the device as part of her court appointed curfew. But after the authorities discovered she had blinged up her temporary accessory, Rebecca was forced to appear at Burton Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday to receive the fine notice.

During the court hearing she was told by prosecutors for the company that fitted the device that she had committed “a very serious offence” and “compromised the integrity” of it.

That’s a blinging disgrace – crafty crim get fined for her efforts

But the customising crazy criminal argued back saying ““It’s petty. I wouldn’t have wasted my time doing it if I knew I was going to be fined for it. 

“It’s a massive waste of time and money. There are all these people who go out and breach their orders, and all I’ve done is decorate my tag – that’s just not right.

“I was actually proud of decorating the tag at the time. I wanted to make it look nice while I had it strapped to me around the house, it was a personal thing.”

We don’t like bling either but it’s a bit extreme!