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08th Nov 2012

Couple Get Wedding Snaps Almost 90 Years After Big Day

A couple in China have finally gotten their hands on their wedding photos, decades after walking down the aisle

After 88 years of marriage, a couple in China have finally gotten their wedding photos taken.

Wu Cognhan and Wu Sognshi, both of which are over 100 years old, tied the knot back in 1924 when cameras were a rarity in China which meant they didn’t get any snaps of their special day.

The couple have been married for 88 years.

According to reports this morning, a local photograph company offered to make their dreams come true by taking a few snaps of the pair in their wedding attire.

This is said to be one of many kind gestures which is part of an initiative set up in the area to help married couples get the wedding photos they didn’t get in the first place. 

They dressed up in proper wedding attire for the photographs.