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12th May 2013

Couple Get Hitched In Hospice So Groom’s Father Could Be There

Be warned, this is one that will tug on the heartstrings...

A newlywed has shared a picture of himself and his wife after tying the knot online, but let’s just say it didn’t take place in the ‘normal’ kind of setting.

This couple held their ceremony in a hospice so that the groom’s father, who has pancreatic cancer, could be a part of their special day.

He captioned the picture: “Just got married today! We have a big wedding planned for June but had a small ceremony with family for my Dad who’s in hospice.”

Underneath it he explained: “We have a big wedding in June planned (and paid for) that we’ll still have, but my wonderful wife wanted to have a small ceremony with just our families so my dad could be there. He has pancreatic cancer and won’t make the big one. She’s a fucking awesome person.”

(Image courtesy of Imgur, uploaded by drstrange780.)