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17th May 2016

Countdown has another dirty word spelled out on the board



When you think of a show that makes you laugh, Countdown doesn’t exactly spring to mind but it’s becoming more frequent that we actually do get a laugh from it.

Quite a few times now, poor old Rachel Riley has to keep a straight face whenever a fairly risqué word gets spelled out on the board.

Only a few weeks back she was left red-faced when she had an unfortunate letter combination and now it’s happened again.

This time, the chief dictionary wizard, or lexicographer as she’s actually known, Susie Dent came up with a rude word while playing the game.

The letters spelled out were:


The contestants guessed two five letter words from this combination, one being bulge but Susie said that she could beat that with a six letter word.

Susie said, “I can’t say it. Okay, let’s get it over quickly. Bumhole is there.”

Watch it here:

Image via YouTube/Gra Flair