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05th Dec 2013

Couch Comfort Shopping: Online Gift Guide For Your…Best Friend

With the festive season fast approaching, our thoughts have turned to Christmas shopping.However, being the somewhat lazy sort and a little disinclined to spent precious days off stuck in the hustle and bustle of the city, dodging the rain while running from shop to shop, we’re only delighted to turn to online shopping as an alternative.

If you’re a fan too, you’ll already be familiar with the benefits. If not, now is the time to open your eyes to a brand new world of comfort and luxury.God bless the Internet, bringing you everything you could possibly need, from the comfort of your own couch!

And of course, worrying about waiting in for the postman to arrive is a thing of the past too. With Parcel Motel, you can have your packages delivered to one of handy 100 locations nationwide, and pick up whenever it suits you.

If you’re the type who sometimes suffers from buyer’s remorse, it’s still not a problem. Recent research has revealed that over half of online shoppers will return an unsuitable item for a refund, with women being more likely to do so, and a new Parcel Motel service will help to make the returns process even cheaper and easier for consumers. Consumers can now send a parcel to another Parcel Motel, any address in Ireland or the UK, or return to a retailer.

Today, we’re tackling best friends. Sometimes a delight considering how well you know them but it can get tricky depending on how choosy they are… never fear as we have five items in the gallery above guaranteed to please even the fussiest of friends.

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For more on Parcel Motel, and to register, visit their website here