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24th Sep 2012

Cork Couple Who Posted Birth of Their Baby Online Become Victims of an Abusive Campaign

A couple from Cork wanted to share the birth of their child with the world. However, since posting the "discreet" video online, they have received some disgusting comments...

An internet-obsessed couple from county Cork who broadcasted the birth of their daughter on the internet have become the victims of a vicious hate campaign online.

New parents Jonathan and Anna Saccone-Joly were subjected to abusive comments after they decided to post the video online earlier this month. An example of these abusive comments? Well one angry internet viewer said that they hoped the couple’s child “would be stillborn.” Disgusting, right?

But it doesn’t stop there. Other viewers also posted comments on the video saying that they hoped Anna would suffer a miscarriage.

The Saccone-Jolys have had 150,000 hits since they posted the video of their daughter, Emilia Thomasina, online at the start of September. It sounds strange to post such an intimate moment online, but Jonathan and Anna have been filming their own online television show, The Saccone-Jolys, on a daily basis for two years now.

According to the couple, the birth of their daughter was simply the next step in their life story which they have been sharing with the world.

However, their decision to film the birth has prompted a harsh backlash of nasty comments from online viewers.

“Some of the comments were horrible. We told our viewers in advance that we were going to film our daughter’s birth. People said they were hoping we would have a miscarriage or that our baby would be stillborn,” said Jonathan, speaking to the Irish Daily Mail.

“Emilia had to be induced so people were saying it was so pathetic that Anna couldn’t push her baby out. One Irish TV show slated us last week saying it was “disgusting.” It’s extremely hurtful but you have to grow a thick skin as the majority of our viewers love us,” he added.

Anna with the couples’ daughter, Emilia.

The couple have said that they wanted people to share in their joy and didn’t mean to offend anyone with the “discreet” footage of the birth.

“There was nothing outrageous about it,” said Jonathan.

“There is no blood or anything like that, it’s all done discreetly,” he added.

The Saccone-Jolys have a deal with a US distribution network and have received nasty comments in the past when they posted videos of their engagement, marriage and other daily aspects of their lives online.

“She (Anna) is busy with the baby, we both are and we are working together under one roof with getting our show done so we help each other out,” said Jonathan.

What do you think ladies? Would you ever post a video of yourself giving birth online?

And if you were curious to see the video in question, here it is: