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19th Apr 2013

Colour in Your Weekend – Make Your Time Off Count!

No plans this weekend? We've got some suggestions...

Another weekend rolls around… what have you got planned? We’ve paired up with [yellow tail] wines to bring you three suggestions every Friday on how to make the most of your weekend…



Saturday Morning – Dance It Off 

Even if you’re heading to the clubs on Saturday night, why not spend Saturday morning working up a sweat in a dance class. The exercise boosts your endorphins, the music makes you feel good, and you have the benefit of being able to move much more freely without the going out clothes and the high heels!


Sunday Morning – Bubbly Breakfast

The ultimate indulgence treat. Nip down to the shops for fresh bread, nice meats and cheeses, pastries and a bottle of [ yellow tail ] BUBBLES.  Set yourself up with the morning papers and enjoy a lazy Sunday brunch of champions!



Sunday Afternoon – Picture Perfect 

While there’s no doubting many of us take more pictures now than we ever did, whether it’s on dinky digital cameras or ever-present smartphones, how many do you ever see in print? Pictures on your computer are great and all, but why not make these precious memories more visible in your home. Take an hour out of lazy Sunday to flick through your files and pick some pictures to print and frame, and even the dullest day brighter with ever-present reminders of your best days. 



“Life tastes sweeter with friends and family”