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14th Nov 2012

Christmas Toy Shopping to Peak on November 26th

Retailers believe that shopping for the festive season is starting to gain momentum and will peak by the end of this month!

November 26th could be a day to avoid the shops as retailers are saying that they are expecting it to be the busiest day of the year.

Apparently they believe that Christmas toy shopping will explode on Monday week and that the rush is getting earlier with every passing year.


Toy shopping is said to peak at the end of November.

Speaking to the Irish Sun, Smyths Toys Marketing Chief, Dryden Geary said: “As the Christmas season begins to get into full swing we’ve seen a huge increase in visitors to our stores and we expect this increase to peak on Monday November 26th.”

However, as is probably the case with all types of retailers, Geary said that there is a noticeable movement towards online shopping for parents. In fact, retail experts predict that 10 per cent of money spent this Christmas will be done on the computer.

More people are going on their computers rather than into town. 

“We’ve also seen the popularity of our inline store explode in 2012,” Geary explained, “It’s becoming quite common for parents to do their entire Christmas toy shopping online.”

As excited as we are about ripping open our presents and tucking into our turkey on Christmas Day, we’re not so enthusiastic about the long queues and packed shops that are characteristic of the weeks leading up to it!