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30th Mar 2013

Chocolate, Rabbits & The End Of Lent: 10 Reasons Why Easter Rocks

Easter truly is one of the most magical holidays. Don't believe us? Just read some of the following reasons why...

Fed-up of Christmas? So over Halloween? Couldn’t be bothered with St. Patrick’s Day? Let’s be honest, when it comes to holidays there’s really only one that matters: Easter.

Now, now – we know the above remark is slightly controversial but bear with us. Easter truly is one of the most magical holidays that we celebrate every single year. Okay, granted the weather this year is majorly disappointing but despite that little downer, there’s still buckets of things to love about Easter time.

Whether it’s watching baby animals frolic like there’s no tomorrow or the fact that it’s totally acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Easter is the holiday that just keeps on giving.

Don’t believe us? Here are just 10 things that make Easter so deadly…


The world is full of new life at Easter, there are baby animals everywhere!

1. You get to eat chocolate. For breakfast: And no one says anything to you. It’s totally fine for you to forsake normal food for two whole days until every Easter egg in the vicinity of your house has been eaten, digested and enjoyed. Easter offers us a free pass to just dig in, enjoy and truly savour the awesomeness that is chocolate. Yum.

2. There’s baby animals everywhere: First of all, Easter decorations usually consist of fluffy little chickens and droopy-eared rabbits. Adorable, right? Secondly, just check out all the cute little lambs and calves running around in the fields. The trees are full of newborn baby birds and there’s this wonderful feeling of ‘new life’ everywhere. Everything is fresh, green and glorious.

3. The bunny always delivers: It doesn’t matter that you’re 25 and you no longer live at home, when you return to your family place the Easter Bunny will have left you something small. Just because. Likewise, if you live with your other half, the Easter Bunny will still visit and make sure you get some chocolate – he’s amazing like that.

It’s perfectly acceptable to eat Easter eggs for every single meal

4. There’s a Bank Holiday: You get an extra day off work. This means you have another entire day to sit around and eat chocolate. Brilliant.

5. You’re allowed to get excited: It’s a holiday, so if you’re practically crawling up the walls with the excitement of it all it’s perfectly acceptable. If your excitement is contagious, even better. Spread the happiness!

6. Summer is just around the corner: Right, we can’t make any promises (especially given how miserable the weather is this year) but usually Easter marks that point in time when you can start looking forward to slightly warmer days and a better forecast.

7. Lent is officially over: No longer will you have to abstain from chocolate, crisps or sweets! Hurrah!

8. There’s always an epic party somewhere on Good Friday: All the pubs are closed and you’re not supposed to drink. The fact that alcohol is sort of ‘forbidden’ on this day just makes people more determined.

Everyone is happy and excited, probably because there’s an extra day off work

9. There’s a grand stretch in the evenings: You really start noticing the brighter evenings around Easter time. Suddenly it’s bright at 7pm and you can really feel summer in the air.

10. Children make you smile: There’s nothing like being in a house where the Easter Bunny still visits, especially when there’s children. The excitement, the wonder – it’s all guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

In comparison to the other holidays there’s just something that’s completely magical about Easter. Fact.