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10th Jan 2013

Chestfuls of Money: Woman Sells Off Advert Space on Her Boobs

This is one get-rich-quick scheme that we have never thought about. Ever.

Well, we’ll admit that this is one get-rich-quick scheme that we never thought about ourselves but fair play to this woman from the Czech Republic who is raking in the cash with her, eh, unique idea.

Metro reports that a mysterious, unnamed woman has devised a way to make money through marketing by selling her boobs as ad space. Yes, really. We bet there’s a lot of marketing executives out there cursing themselves for never thinking of this idea before (“Boobs sell things? Really?!”)

Anyway, clients who are interested in this bosom-based method of advertising can showcase their wares on one of the woman’s boobs for the bargain price of €5. Oh and she also has a special offer, in which you get advertising space on both boobs for a mere €9.

The woman’s business idea was initially posted on a Gumtree-style website in the Czech Republic, before it was reposted on Facebook. Needless to say, the advert has already racked up over 2,000 likes.

“I am a beautiful young girl and I offer my breasts for greeting cards and adverts,” said the woman in her advert.

“Send me your message and I’ll send you a pic with it written on my breasts,” she adds.

The woman is selling space on her boobs to advertisers

Unsurprisingly, there has been a lot of interest in the idea. And, also unsurprisingly, most of this interest has been coming from members of the male community.

“It’s good value for money,” said one Facebook user.

“But I’d pay double if I could write the advert myself,” he added.


If anything this story illustrates something that us womenfolk have known for generations. Men will do anything just to catch a glimpse of a pair of boobs.