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13th Sep 2013

Catholic Website Explains Why Women Should Be Prevented From Attending College

"Is the loss of our daughter's purity worth them getting a degree, they're probably not going to use?” is a website that assures the world, “a loving, blissful marriage and a very tight-knit happy faithful Catholic family,” is achievable, “even in today’s society.” 

The site, which was started up in 2010 by two “catholic family men”, published an article titled ‘6 Reasons (+2) to NOT Send Your Daughter to College’, along with a video, ‘Just Dads – Protecting Our Daughters’.

In the video, which is the fifth in a series of advice for fathers, we are introduced to Raylan Alleman who explains why it is essential that Dads teach their daughters how to live their lives, dress, and most importantly, maintain their ‘purity’.

Raylan begins the conclusion of the series with the importance of dress.

“I find that when girls have the right training and formation they will actually want to dress properly because they understand the importance of it.”

“‘Dressing with Dignity’, a must read for Catholic mothers.”

According to Raylan, even female participation in sports, “does not lend itself to a girl’s modesty.”

The ‘family man’ goes on to tell us that he is “astounded” parents still allow their children to attend “dances”.

“You put girls in strapless dress, mix that with alcohol and provocative music and dancing, with close physical contact, with the boys, driving around alone in the dark what do you thinks gonna happen.”

According to Raylan it definitely won’t be good clean fun anyway. 

On the point of females furthering their education, Raylan asks fathers to re-evaluate the situation completely.

“We need to stop and think, is the loss of our daughter’s purity worth them getting a degree, they’re probably not going to use?”

The concluding video in a series, ‘Just Dads – Protecting our daughters’.

Here are the eight reasons Fix the Family believe that men should not let their daughters attend college, (two additional reasons being added just incase six were not enough).

1. She will attract the wrong types of men.  So what normally happens with this setup is that those lazy men who are looking for a mother-figure in a wife are very attracted to this responsible, organized, smart woman who has it all together along with a steady paying job with benefits. 

2. She will be in a near occasion of sin. You have a heavy concentration of young people all living together without the supervision of parents at the most sexually charged state of life they will experience. 

3. She will not learn to be a wife and mother. Nothing that is taught in a college curriculum is geared toward domestic homemaking.

4. The cost of a degree is becoming more difficult to recoup.  It makes much more sense for a young couple to have a husband with a skill that brings value to the marketplace that has reasonable compensation to go along with it and a wife who is willing to be frugal.

5. You don’t have to prove anything to the world. The society is so fixated with the feminist ideal of women having to have a job and provide an income to have worth. 

6. It could be a near occasion of sin for the parents. To assume that all of our children will need a college degree is quite a stretch, particularly for girls who will likely be mothers.

7. She will regret itWe are not surprised that more and more women are coming forward to tell their stories of regret for having by-passed the more meaningful things in life to opt for the approval of feminists who cared nothing more about them than being statistics to reinforce their agenda. 

8. It could interfere with a religious vocation. Catholic seminaries and religious orders do not accept candidates who have substantial unpaid debt.