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20th Mar 2013

By The Collar! Photo Of Paddy’s Day In Temple Bar, Dublin Goes Viral

The snapshot, taken by photographer Michael Nolan, of a garda grabbing a teenager's collar has gone viral.


Paddy’s Day, the ultimate opportunity for a teenager to go into the centre of Dublin to either create or join in a bit of havoc. 

We don’t know the story behind the photo, only Dublin-based freelance photographer Michael Nolan caught the exact moment a Garda Síochana decided enough was enough with one young lad. 

Look at the absolute fury! We’re guessing his work was cut out for him… 

The photo features on Michael’s Facebook page and already has nearly 3,000 likes. It has been shared hundreds of times and is making the rounds on the Twitter machine too. 

Another one of Michael Nolan’s photos that feature on his Facebook page. 


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