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29th Mar 2013

BURN! Irish Lad Tries to get the Better of Apache Pizza – But it Doesn’t Exactly Go His Way…

Next time he might just pay for the pizza...

Everyone’s a fan of a cheap pizza deal, but do you know anyone who’d go this far for some pepperoni at a good price?

Reddit user /u/Jod3000 posted the snaps below to the site after spotting the interaction between a wannabe scam artist and Apache Pizza on Facebook.

The Dublin lad decided that we wanted to avail of a student deal from Apache, while not actually being a student. Plenty ladies in the office have lamented that 10% off a student card afforded us in multiple high street stores, but not enough to go quite as far as this fella. He went ahead and made himself a fake student card. Yes, really.

He argued his way into a discount with the company, but didn’t see fit to take the win and run with it. Instead, he took to Facebook to gloat. Naturally. Worse still, he posted his ‘win’ not only on his own Facebook page, but on the Apache pizza page. 

Apache responded, in glorious fashion.