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11th Jan 2013

Burglary Blooper: If You’re Going To Rob A Tablet… Make Sure You Log Out Of Their Facebook First

One South African robber proceeded to upload photos of himself... on the real owner's account.

It wasn’t long before this guy realised he had made a major burglary blooper…

A thief posted photos of himself on the Facebook page of a woman whose property he had burgled in a South African town.

Homeowner James McCall logged onto his computer on Monday after the burglary over the weekend and saw the photos on his wife’s Facebook page, the Daily News reported.

 “I wanted to log on to change our passwords. I was surprised to see activity on Barbara’s profile and the picture of the man,” said McCall.

He said he thought the burglar had uploaded the picture by mistake because other pictures had also been uploaded that the family had taken but not put on Facebook.

“He probably did not realise he was doing it. Usually you never log off from a tablet, so it could have happened quite quickly,” said McCall.

McCall’s wife’s Samsung tablet had been stolen at their Highway guesthouse where guests had enjoyed a braai and left some of the doors open. It is the fifth time that the couple have been victims of crime at their home and guesthouse.

The incident happened on Sunday evening when two men came into the house, past the dogs, security gates and electric fencing. They stole digital cameras, tablets, flat screen TVs and computers.

McCall immediately downloaded the photos to give to the police in the hope that it would help them find the culprits.

“It’s unacceptable that I no longer feel safe on my own verandah,” McCall said.

He also admitted he wants to hire a private investigator to help investigate the spate of burglaries and a robbery that have hit them at their home and guesthouse.