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02nd Mar 2013

Bump On Board – That’s One Way To Get A Seat At Rush Hour!

Chinese woman fakes pregnancy on the tube…

We’ve all been there… you’re wrecked from a day in the office and even though you’ve been sitting in the one position for about eight hours, the thoughts of standing on your commute home makes you want to break down and weep. You eye-ball the school kids and the smattering of teenagers hogging all the seats, and think to yourself ‘in my day…’

But for one crafty commuter, the prospect of standing every evening was too much to bear, so she decided to take matters into her own hands by investing in a prosthetic baby bump.

The Chinese woman –  named as Zhang – decided to buy a prothetic baby bump to ensure she got a seat every evening on her way home from work, but her clever plan was rumbled by fellow commuters when the silicone belly she was wearing came loose and dropped to the floor of the carriage she was travelling in.

Incredibly, instead of hanging her head in shame and mortification whilst simultaneously vowing to change her commute route, the woman contacted her local newspaper to complain about the poor quality of the product.

It’s one way to guarantee a seat…

Zhang, who paid €37 (300 Yuan) for the “very realistic” silicone belly, claimed the belt tying it to her waist came loose, leaving her “found out and mocked” by other passengers, The South China Morning Press said.  

But, the mockery has only increased since the woman made the complaint and Zhang has been blasted as “shameless” and “disgraceful” for her sly stunt. 

However, it seems that fake pregnancies aren’t all that uncommon in China with a report in the Want China Times saying that fake baby bumps have become a big online commodity.

It said, “Shoppers use the items — among other reasons — for faking a pregnancy before adopting a child, to avoid being laid off at work, and to enjoy the privileges to which pregnant women are accustomed.”

We wonder if they ship to Ireland…