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10th Aug 2013

Brody And Lauren? MTV Airs The Alternate Hills Ending!

And Kristin was only slightly involved, she’ll love that.

Sue Murphy

Everyone remembers the Hills end, that sad music, Kristin deciding she just couldn’t take the drama, drama, drama anymore and finally, what we all expected, the contrived nature of the entire affair when we see the camera crew on a lot. (No, we weren’t just sneakily watching their lives)

However, MTV have re-aired the final season of the Hills this summer, with one dramatic change. When the last episode aired Stateside on the 9th of August, it didn’t just end with Kristin leaving in the car, Brody paid a visit to Lauren!

In this version Jenner still says goodbye to Kristin, but instead of the soundstage, he visits his ex Lauren Conrad.

The conversation goes like this: “Where you been?” Conrad asks. “I was just saying goodbye to a friend of mine,” Jenner replies. “You okay?” Conrad continues. “Yeah, I’m all right,” Jenner says.

“It’s hard to say goodbye,” Conrad reasons. “Yeah,” Jenner agrees. “It is.”

 Honestly, that was a much more exciting ending.