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08th Oct 2021

Bride disinvites woman from wedding, still wants to wear her dress

It all started when the woman’s wife didn’t receive an invite to the wedding.

A woman has gone viral on Reddit after sharing her experience of being uninvited from her brother’s wedding, only to have his bride ask to wear her wedding dress.

Yes, you read that right.

Taking to the hugely popular subreddit Am I The Asshole? – where people ask that exact question – the woman explained the situation.

She wrote: “My sister in law liked my wedding dress a lot and she asked to wear it for her wedding. I said ‘Of course’ and was thrilled I meant that much to her.”

However, the woman noticed that her wife’s name was not listed on the invitation. Confused, the woman rang her brother’s partner who told her that “for obvious reasons” they didn’t want the woman’s wife to attend the wedding.

Naturally, the woman was upset, so gave her future sister-in-law an ultimatum – she can either attend with her wife, or she won’t come at all.

In the end, the bride-to-be rescinded the woman’s invitation altogether as she “didn’t want any drama at her wedding”. The woman told her that there was “no hard feelings”, and asked for her brother to arrange the return of her dress.

“My sister in law was stunned after she found out I took the dress back,” she wrote.

“She came over crying begging me to let her have it since she’s not the one with the budget and her parents told her to pay for her own wedding dress but she has no money.

“She said she loved my dress and promised to take care of it and return it but I refused.”

Surprisingly, her parents came to the defense of the bride and urged their daughter to loan her the dress. However, she pointed out that they were clearly not as close as she originally thought given the fact that she wouldn’t let her bring her wife to the wedding.

The subreddit then voted and agreed that no, the woman is not an asshole for not lending her dress.