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10th Feb 2013

Breakfast Fail: Somebody Wasn’t Paying Attention In Leaving Cert Science…

Who knew the dense metal iridium could be so good for you?

Breakfast is a meal that helps to set you up for the day ahead but one Reddit user got a shock when he realised his cereal was adding actual metal to his diet.

The cereal box accidentally stated that the rood was an excellent source of iridium. We’re not sure how good you were at Leaving Cert science but iridium is a heavy, dense metal that belongs in the platinum family.

The error came after the people manufacturing the box confused the chemical symbol for iron. Instead of “Fe” which is the symbol for iron (an important thing that we need in our diets), “Ir” is printed (we do not need iridium in our diets, just in case you were wondering).

The image has already started to spread online with various jokes about ‘the breakfast of champions’ being flung around the place too.

We’re going to start checking our cereal boxes more carefully from now on…