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11th Nov 2013

Brave or Barmy? Couple Tweet Every Argument They Have

It has made them an internet sensation.

Most couples try to hide the fact that they are having an argument but not Claire Meyer and Alan Linic. Oh no, they put it out there for the whole world to see.

In fact the couple from Chicago, who have been dating for eight months, have gained a lot of attention for their Twitter account which documents all their spats and fights.

The description for their ‘We Fight About’ feed reads: “Claire Meyer and Alan Linic are in a relationship. It’s going really well. These are the kinds of things they fight about.”

From forgetting birthdays to buying bread, the two comedians cover all the silly little things that can cause an argument between a boyfriend and girlfriend.

These are just a few of their most recent tweets (that last one has gotta hurt)…


Claire and Alan tweet out their arguments (images via Twitter/ @WeFight About).