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12th Nov 2016

This blogger noticed a woman is taking the exact same photos as her all around the world

This is like something from a thriller.

Lauren Bullen is a blogger who runs a site called Gypsea Lust. Being a blogger comes with a certain level of celebrity status among readers and with Laurens 600k following, it’s no surprise she has a few big fans.

Lauren travels all around the world creating beautiful photos in the places she goes.

However, Lauren recently noticed something very freaky going on. Another girl, who goes by the Instagram username @diana_alexa has taken almost carbon copy images in ALL the same locations. Not only is she in the same places but she is also wearing exactly what Lauren is wearing in her pics.



Lauren shared the story on her own blog:

”When a girl travels across the world recreating your exact imagery over and over again you begin to worry..

I understand seeking inspiration from what I do- and I love that, but this truly shocked me.. at first I thought it was all photoshopped & had to take screen shots to compare the two.. They honestly did an incredible job copying our imagery, controversially insane mimics, so I congratulate them for this!”

But stealing someone’s art- that’s never okay.” She said.


The travel blogger confronted her copy cat.

”when I messaged her about discovering her page and how crazy and ridiculous I thought it was she tried to justify it by just saying everyone copies us and even big accounts are taking same pictures at the same place & told me I should make my pictures private if I don’t want this to happen.

I think she missed the point that no one has copied down to this extreme before”


Diana_alexa has since made her account private.

Of course, it is expected that well-known bloggers looks, poses and landscape shots will be copied from time to time but this woman has followed Lauren all over the world, from Greece to Morocco and Spain.

copyblog5 copyblog4

This whole thing seems like it belongs in a thriller movie.