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29th Apr 2013

Best Man Of The Year? Irish Wedding Video Features Some Famous Faces

Fair play best man Ruairi. You did your job well!


We’re not exactly sure how this best man managed to pull off such a feat, but this may just be one of the best wedding video tributes ever. All you future best men out there? You have a lot to live up to!

Ruairi, the best man in question, wanted to do something very special for his friend Dessie ‘Half Session’ so he put together a wedding video that features some incredibly well-known faces. Don’t believe us? Barry Murphie, Swight Yorke and Alex Ferguson all make an appearance in this clip.

We don’t know much about the bride and groom that this video was meant for, but we do know that they got hitched in Salthill at the weekend and we imagine that they were thrilled with this.

Hat tip to Andrew Murphy for sending in the clip to our brothers at