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06th Oct 2017

This has to be the best child’s Halloween costume ever

And now you can buy them.

Need inspiration?

A few days ago a child’s Halloween costume went viral because of how cute it was. It showed a little girl in a light up stickman costume.

While the costume and video itself are a few years old, it has been shared again for the month that’s in it. And sure why not? It’s still by far the best costume we’ve ever seen a child wearing.

This glorious creation, which has become known as Glowy Zoey, was made by Royce Hutain. A few years ago he was searching for the perfect Halloween costume for his daughter Zoey and came up with the idea to make her into a miniature stickman.

A few LED lights later, she was just that. Royce uploaded the video online and got a huge response.

Since then, he’s created a company from this one idea, called Glowy Zoey, where he makes these suits for kids and adults. They even added a Disney themed range to their collection.

Just LOOK at how cute the family are together: