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27th Feb 2013

Behind the Wheel – Driving Tips 101

It's been pretty cold recently which means you should not only been watching what you wear before you leave the house but also how you drive.

We might be heading into spring but the temperatures are still pretty chilly (it is Ireland after all) which means you need to take extra care on the roads. And yes we realise we sound like your parents but these tips could save your car or even your life…


Whether it’s your first time driving in cold weather or not, it’s important to take precautions in cold conditions every time:

1. First and foremost, make sure you can see around you. Clear your windows and windscreen. Whether it’s with de-icer and a scraper, a cloth for condensation or the heating for ten minutes, don’t put that car into gear before you have clear vision. If you’re in a rush and it’s really icy, get some warm water (not hot) and pour it gently over the windows and windscreen. It’s also best to avoid using your wipers on an icy windscreen as this will damage them so melt the ice first.


2. Stick to major roads as much as you can. This is for the simple reason that if there has been ice or snow, they will have been gritted. Also, major roads are flatter and smoother which means they are easier to drive on and less likely to cause your car to skid. This doesn’t mean to go hell for leather as soon as you’re on them though!


3. Take your time. Leave the house with more time than usual, drive more slowly and also make sure to break easy (stopping distance is ten times greater in icy conditions). In other words, pretend you are only beginning to drive. If you do skid don’t slam on the breaks, take your foot off your accelerator and steer in the direction of the skid. 


Check back here for weekly driving tips, with thanks to MSL Ballsbridge