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17th Apr 2017

Beauty brand comes up with a new name for our ‘sensitive’ area

There’s nothing wrong with the word vagina.

To be honest around here, not only do we encourage the use of vagina, we talk about them an awful lot.

Let’s say it one more time loud and proud… VAGINA. Well it turns out not everyone is as comfortable as we are with saying the word.

Ladies and ladies prepare to welcome in the new age of the ‘V-zone’.

Freda Health, which specialises in organic tampons today tweeted a photo of a product that has named the female reproductive organs the V-zone‘, and people are a bit confused,



Okay… let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we have to remember these are two competing brands, we just can’t imagine men calling their areas the ‘P Zone’.

You can call it whatever makes you comfortable, and if you’re stuck for words, we actually have a HUGE list of words for vaginas that we’ve compiled… because that’s just the way our brain works.

You’re welcome.