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20th Dec 2012

Bark-ing Mad? Man Lives in Tree For 9 Months After His Wife Cheats On Him

A man has been living up a tree for the past nine months and is refusing to come down until his wife apologises...

Men – they’re a strange bunch, aren’t they? Fortunately though we’ve never had to deal with anything remotely close to the following (eh, aside from that time we were forced to read Clare Sa Spéir for our Leaving Cert).

A man in India has reportedly been living in a tree for the past nine months because his wife cheated on him and is now refusing to apologise for her unfaithful ways.

The man, who is only known as ‘Sanjay from Mumbai,’ was left heartbroken when he caught his wife in bed with one of their neighbours.  According to reports, Sanjay’s wife flat-out refused to apologise for cheating on him, so he decided to climb a nearby guava tree and said he wouldn’t come down until she said sorry. Fair enough.

Nine months have passed since Sanjay climbed up the tree and since he started living in it, he’s been surviving on a diet of fruit from the tree and food that is being handed up to him by his relatives.

“He eats and sleeps in the tree and even relieves himself from there,” said Sanjay’s sister, speaking to the Asian Age newspaper.

(We feel sorry for anyone who just happens to walk under his tree when he’s doing that…)

Sanjay does everything up the tree. Literally, everything…

Anyway, the local police force has said that they are unable to intervene and get Sanjay down from the tree because despite the strange nature of the case, he hasn’t actually committed an offence.

“The man is on a tree top for the last nine months over some domestic dispute,” the police confirmed to reporters.

It is believed that Sanjay’s wife has now moved in with her parents and that she is still not planning on apologising.

Sanjay, it’s been nine months already. We definitely wouldn’t be holding our breath waiting for an apology if we were you…