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17th Dec 2012

Baby It’s Cold Outside. Literally: What On Earth is “Frosting”?

Have you heard about frosting?

Is it just us or has there been an increase in weird online trends over the past few weeks? We’ve told you all about statue attacking, porting and milking and now there’s a new craze that’s sweeping across Facebook. Are you ready for frosting?

This weird new hobby involves members of the public dressing up in summer clothes (like t-shirts, shorts and swimming togs) and braving sub-zero temperatures just so they can get an ironic snap. Exhibit A:

With over 7,000 likes (and counting) the Frosters Anonymous group on Facebook encourages users to “pretend like the weather is nice” and take a photo of themselves for the page.

The craze, which is believed to have started in chilly Montana in the United States, has seen some brave, brave people plant their entire heads into snow, play games, build snow castles and even (in some extreme cases of frosting) go totally naked in some kind of odd protest against the cold weather.

Frosters re-enact their most loved summer pursuits in the cold weather, with some attempting to swim, eat ice cream and even play a round of golf in the snow.

Already frosting is gathering speed and it seems as though inhabitants of cold countries have now adopted it as a fun way to keep themselves amused in the cold weather.

Eh, maybe we’re just boring but there’s no way we’d give up central heating and layers of fleecing clothing for the sake of a funny picture. What do you think?