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29th Nov 2012

Awkward, Much? E.L James Creates Fifty Shades of Grey The Board Game

Could you just imagine playing this over Christmas with your relatives? Morto!

Are you looking for a way to liven up your Christmas parties this year? If so, why not invest in Fifty Shades of Grey the board game. Yes, seriously.

They’ve already done films, albums, lingerie and sex toys and now E.L James and co are working on a project that will see the filth-filled book turned into a board game.

What will the board game involve? We have no idea, but we imagine it’s something that you definitely won’t want to play with your parents and/or other relatives (cringe!).

The books have already spawned a lingerie and a sex toy line

“We are delighted to be partnering with E.L James on this project,” said Shane Yeend, the CEO of Imagination Games – the company that will bring the Fifty Shades board game to life.

“The Fifty Shades books are a bona-fide cultural phenomenon, and they offer an exciting new play pattern for our range of party games that allows everyone to reveal their Inner Goddess,” he added.

Eh, call us prudish, but we’d rather keep her private for the time being…

The Fifty Shades board game is apparently being launched on December 14 – just in time for Christmas.

Are we the only ones who think that maybe Fifty Shades needs to give it a rest in the merchandise department? Seriously, what will they think of next? Fifty Shades slippers? Fifty Shades cutlery?