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08th Mar 2013

Armagh Parish The Coolest In Town: Facebook Page Has Pope Benedict-Blessed Rosary Ring Up For Grabs

The Facebook competition has already attracted attention from outside Ireland.

Competition time!

Armagh Parish Facebook page have launched a competition for a rosary ring blessed by Pope Benedict, the first Pope to retire since the Medieval Ages. 

The parish’s Facebook post reads:

COMPETITION TIME!!! Like our page and share this post to be in with a chance to win a ROSARY RING BLESSED BY THE POPE!! WOW!!! 

This is something really unique, especially with Pope Benedict being the first Pope to retire in like 600 years.

Winner will be announced Friday 15th March. BEST OF LUCK

According to comments, the post features Father Thomas holding up the rosary ring and a note instructing people to like and share the post. 

It has attracted attention on sharing website Reddit where a few people questioned the legitimacy of the Facebook page. 

The Reddit user who posted the competition voiced everyone’s thoughts when he said:

“that was my reaction when it popped up on my newsfeed… i thought it was a joke but no… seems legit.. i guess we’re just not used to seeing (a) young priests (b) priests actually communciating with people on facebook / social media [sic]”

It seems the competition has already attracted worldwide attention with multilingual comments featuring under the photo.