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25th Jan 2013

Are You Over 27? You’ll Probably Want To Stay In This Weekend So…

A survey this week has found that 27 is the age we begin to give up on clubbing every weekend and enjoy girlie nights in instead.

Queues at the bar, paying to get in, drinks spilled on you, lost phones, terrible music and that friend you have to mind all night… it seems it’s enough to turn us all off bothering to head out at all. 

Instead, we ladies are choosing a night in with the girls ahead of a night out with the girls, and we even get dressed up for the occasion.

A recent survey of 2,000 women under the age of 40 found that we ranked nights in over a night out on the tiles for a number of reasons, not least that they’re quieter and cheaper, there is no queuing involved and we’re not at the mercy of the delightful Irish weather. 

Seven in ten women under 40 claim they much prefer socialising in their own homes or at a friends’ house, rather than be made to experience the local nightlife. A night in with friends proved more than twice as popular as going to the pub, and eight times more popular than going to a nightclub.

And if this doesn’t sound like you just yet, chances are you’re under 27, as this is the age where it seems women begin to want to stay in more with mates instead of braving a nightclub. 

1.    Long queues at the bar

2.    Toilets not having any toilet paper

3.    Paying to get in to a club or bar

4.    Long queues to get in to club or bar

5.    Sore feet

6.    Long queue for the toilet

7.    Drink dropped over your outfit

8.    Caught in the rain before the night has even started

9.    Toilets not having a lock

10.    Long wait for a taxi at the end of the night

11.    Being leered at by men

12.    Having to look after a friend who is really drunk

13.    Laddering your tights early in evening

14.    Girl in heels stepping on your foot

15.    Awful music all night

16.    Toilet tissue stuck to your shoe

17.    Falling over in front of a crowd

18.    Seeing an ex

19.    Lose phone, coat or purse

20.    Getting sick in public